Doggy Deli

Homemade dog food

The gourmet deli has a selection of delicous homemade dog food to suit even the fussiest of dogs.

Homemade dog food Ingredients

Food is cooked in a safe clean sterile environment from the best ingredients and contains no pre-cooked ingredients, no additives, no colourings and no MSG.

Dog Bakery range

The Doggy Deli bakery range includes:

  • Tiny small biscuits £0.12
  • Small round biscotti £0.25
  • Medium biscuits £0.30
  • Mini muffins £0.35
  • Large muffins £1.30
  • Rock cakes £0.60

Dog Meal range

The Doggy Deli meal range includes:

  • 4oz dinners £1.55
  • 8oz dinners £1.95
  • Meat loaf £4.50
  • Xmas dinner £5.50

Designer dog boutique

Our designer boutique pet shop has all the latest products including Pet Head by Tigi, brushes, combs, designer perfumes, clothes, coats, accessories and much more...

Perfect for a gift for a friends dog or to make your own dog stand out from the crowd on a walk in the park.

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